I specialize in one-of-a-kind hand sculpted and hand painted figures. Every single concept I’ve made for my customers is certified to be the only one like that in the world. There are no two alike. You can read a little more on each of my sold custom figure or custom wedding cake topper commissions here: UNIQUE CAKE TOPPERS or simply view more pictures on the Photos tab. Your custom wedding cake topper or custom figure will be tailor made just the way YOU want it, from top to bottom and it will be the only one in existance (in this universe, at least). Each piece is made just for you.

The typical height for a realistic bride and groom concept is between 8-9″ (20-23 cm) tall and platform width is usually 4″ or 6″ (10 or 15cm). The average sculpture weighs approximately 1-2 lbs (0.43-0.9 kg). See FAQ page for more info, as well as Facebook page for examples. Each single concept is customized with faces made in your likeness.

Batman Arkham Disney Belle Custom Wedding Cake Topper Sophie Cartier SculptureIntroducing new features:

  • Custom resin eye inserts (irises). I’ve been using this technique since Spring of 2015 and it gives my custom figures an amazing realistic look.
  • Doll hair for long hair styles, made of viscose hair or tibetan lamb hair. Both give an amazing visual punch.  * Doll hair is optional, additional fees apply.
  • Fabric garments or accessories partially made of fabric, hand cut, hand sewn and 100% custom made. I use fabric for the superhero capes, brides’ veils and some wedding dress features.


Please note: Orders for 2016 are coming in. Please make sure you ask for your quote as early as possible. Thanks! 

  • I sculpt unique custom wedding cake toppers and figures.
  • I’m very selective on which Batman related concepts I’m taking on so it has to be original and not like one I’ve already made! I will not replicate ones I’ve done before.
  • I only make a custom cake topper once, so originality and personality are key.
  • I do not replicate copyrighted concepts.
  • If you’re unsure about your concept details, just let me know and we can brainstorm until you’ve got a very personal and awesome custom wedding cake topper concept! 

Make sure to book early for your custom concept as I’m only able to take on a certain number of concepts every year. Thank you!

Sophie Cartier

Custom figure sculptor

Sophie Cartier Sculpture